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About PBD


Established in July of 1999, Positive Baseball Development Incorporated was created by Scott Leon.  While attending the University of Texas in Austin, Leon had an assignment to write a speech in his kinesiology class taught by Professor Mary Lambin.  The speech was about Encouraging kids in youth sports through Positive reinforcement.  



To motivate and inspire young people, in a positive environment, to become great members of society with morals and integrity through baseball/softball.  To be mentors and stewards of these great games.  We want to develop players at every level and continue to guide them every step on their journey in life and sports.

How do we do this?  By creating an environment that makes players responsible and think for themselves.  By allowing them to develop instincts and self teaching.  Showing them how to rely on themselves to succeed and not a coach or parent.  Teaching them the meaning of intensity and a sense of urgency.  Making it fun and to understand that hard play is not work.