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Hitting Philo

Kinetic Linking

The link of kinetic energy that starts in the feet (approach then heel plant) and moves up through the body in sequence into the biggest muscle in the body, the Gluteus Maximus.  This then transfers into what is called seperation (lower body before upper body rotation) then into the arms (create hand path)  and then finally into the hands.  Contact is made, kinetic energy is released then extension occurs out in front towards the field (right, center, or left).  Try to create 'ideal impact'!

Hitting Philosophy 101

Understanding both philosophies of hitting is important,  rotational hitting vs. Walt Hriniak style of hitting.  Neither method is the right or wrong way, they are both successful at the Major League level.  At PBD we see what your athlete does naturally then we build from there.  We believe that there are constants and there are styles.  There are a good number of styles, but 3 constants always remain in good consistent hitters.  In our humble opinion, they are:

1.  Balance (have to start in a good athletic position and maintain it)

2. Approach (good consistent stance, rhythm, and timing)

3.  Hand Path (consistent swing, getting on plane with the ball)