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    Professional Players

    Chris Roller Lake Travis McLennan CC Los Angeles
    Brad Kuntz Lake Travis Baylor Milwaukee
    Caleb Smith Regents, Austin Rice Milwaukee
    Daniel Minor Dripping Spings Texas A&M Corpus Houston Astros
    Mace Thurman Westlake, Austin Baylor Cincinnati Reds
    Taylor Johnson Dripping Springs St. Edwards Detroit Tigers
    Denny McDaniel Lake Travis Blinn JC KC,Seattle,White Sox, Astros
    Brad Dydalewicz Lake Travis N/A Houston Astros

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    Scott Leon has worked with my Son TJ since he was 12 years old with pitching and hitting and continued to work with him during his High School Days and College Recruiting Days.   Scott is a true professional and person we consider not only  a great coach but a personal friend who always had my son’s best interest in mind.


    Mike Raguse

    In the News



    "Thank you for everything you have done for me, whether it was helping me become a better baseball player or just giving me advice in general. I started coming to your place when I was 8 years old and don’t regret a day of it because it helped me become the player and person that I am today. You have been a great help to me growing up and I appreciate every bit of it. You have influenced my life and career a great amount and it would have been hard making it to where I am without your help. I am very thankful that you have shared all different types of experience with me to help guide my career in the right path. I also thank you for letting me come to each one of your workout places where ever they might have been as well as meeting me at different locations just to give me lessons. I am very glad that I was introduced to you and  I couldn’t see myself where I am today without that happening. Once again thank you for everything you have done for me and I wish you all the luck with whatever life may bring in the future."

    - Brad Dydalewicz

    Lake Travis High & Houston Astro 

    "Daniel started pitching lessons with Scott at age 11. Scott taught Daniel weekly to “pitch” not just throw.  Scott taught both the physical and mental approach to the game which gave him the “intangible” aspects that college coaches are looking for. The weekly lessons for years and playing for Scott and the Ridgebacks helped Daniel attain the highest level of play at High School and now at the College level.  Coaches at the college level have commented that Daniel’s mechanics are sound and he has never had arm problems.  We thank Scott and Erin for their help. The time and money spent over the years is “priceless”.  Daniel was named in the top 10 pitchers in the country for Division I baseball in 2012 and is now one of the top pitching prospects in the Houston Astros organization."

    -Derry and Debbie Minor


    I didn’t formally thank you for all the help you have given me throughout the years, and without your help and encouragement there is no way I could have gotten to where I am today.

    Caleb Smith, Rice University / Milwaukee Brewers

    Thank you for bringing Coy into the Boom organization. While we have only played two tournaments with this group, the atmosphere in the stands and the positive direction the players are getting is tremendous. I appreciate you giving the new players the same chances as the established ones on the team. As far as baseball instruction goes, Coy is in your hands. If you ever need help enforcing behavior, discipline or work ethic with Coy, let us know and we can help. I look forward to seeing his growth as a player and a young man this summer.

    Mamie Fullmer